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  • What ice products do you offer?
    Our most popular products are our large cubes, spheres, and rectangular prisms (spears), which can all be made to measure, but we also offer options for branding, inclusions, or more intricate detailing. We also sell ice stamps that will be optimised specifically for your design/logo. We will continue to innovate and improve our bespoke offering. Check out our Instagram for our latest creations!
  • Can retail customers buy this ice?
    We currently only work with businesses (B2B) and our minimum order quantities mean that we are unlikely to be able to do one-off deliveries to retail customers.
  • How long will this ice keep?
    The best way to preserve this ice, keeping the spheres perfectly round and the cubes and spears sharp edged, would be to store them in the polystyrene boxes we deliver them in. Of course, it depends on the conditions, but they should last 3-4 weeks before slowly losing their shape.
  • I'm Interested! How can I place an order?
    Great! Please just get in touch by using the Contact form below.
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